Thursday, November 27, 2008

Angels above, Miracles below...

I tell people that I have the world's best job. For me, working in a tiny municipality, driving senior citizens to their doctor appointments, delivering meals on wheels, and heading up a small non-profit charity that was originally started up by a lady that was a councilwoman there, a lunchroom lady by day, and a miracle worker other times, stealthy in her way of making sure every kid had a lunch, every family had food, clothing, dishes, whatever was needed.
She passed away far too young, after a brief and terrible fight with cancer. Our department was charged with taking her mission forward, which we do with as much gusto as we can muster in difficult economic times. We believe that she still watches over our efforts from above, making sure "her families" are taken care of through us.
Each year since I started with the department four years ago, the times have been more difficult for families struggling with illness, financial problems, substance abuse problems and more difficulties than not. We began a food pantry where moms can come "shop" for free when things are tough, subsisting on grant money we earn from taking classes at our local food bank, an anonymous donation of $100 per month, and most recently, my wonderful young cousin and his wife, who have made it their personal missions to help us by showing up weekly with food for our pantry room.
We toss ourselves out to the universe daily hoping for miracles, and amazingly, they happen over and over again.
This year is a shining example of the miracles that we see daily.
We had thirteen families that were in need of Thanksgiving meals. No money to do the job. Down to our last cans of vegetables..our food drive still two weeks away.
Into our office comes a fellow employee, from a different department. He hands us $40 in cash towards whatever we need.
Our $100 anonymous donation comes in.
Another co-worker arrives with marshmallows and stuffing mixes.
My cousin walks in with a turkey, enough fruit juice to cover our families for a month, and ten jars of turkey gravy. (we had three jars in the pantry!)
Within fifteen minutes of my cousin's departure, a business in the village that hadn't ever donated anything to our efforts before called, wanting our address. They're bringing TWELVE TURKEYS.
Fifteen minutes after that, my sister called from the store, wanting to know what else we need.
Now, if this kind of thing happened just once, one would be able to call it a really nice coincidence.
However, I strongly envision our Angel above, pulling the cosmic strings and orchestrating these small miracles, one at a time..not only to take care of our families, but to help remind me that the universe will take care of it. Everything will be OK.
Job well done, Jean. Thank you for the reminder that faith is all we need.


sheila said...

OH, how nice that everything seemed to work out so 'mysteriously'. You know I don't believe in's all coordinated from something higher!

Cosmic wonder!

weet wea said...

Keep letting the light shine through babe.

tarajii said...

Life gives and Life takes care. We are usually so busy with our own "little" lives that we don't remember that Life Takes Care. If we could all follow the lead of Nature and copy her ways, the whole world would be housed, fed and clothed, nutured and loved.

Congrats of this wonderful blog
Be well...all the help of Heaven surrounds you!