Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I used to pray for world peace, health and happiness for my loved ones and friends, and the ability to get through each day with a minimum of craziness.
Lately, however, it has become increasingly apparent to me that what I should be praying for is clarity; not only for myself but for the entire world. From my observation point, it really does seem that the entire world has gone not only crazy but absolutely and insanely topsy-turvy and confusing.
I read and watch the world around me, and the people that share this journey with me.
Here’s what I am trying to figure out.
Many people that that the United States was founded on “Christian” principles. Actually, as I recall my History classes, it was FREEDOM OF RELIGION, but I digress.. I don’t know what Sunday school these folks attended, but it must have been a great deal different than mine.
In my Sunday school classes we were taught that we were to take care of each other. We were to respect one another. We were to treat others as we would want to be treated.
That we should take pains to help “the lesser” survive, thrive and improve themselves.
So I am wondering. How did we get to where we are?
I read posts from people on blogs, forums and Facebook, and here is my problem:

Why is it that when a church or organization collects or serves food for people in need, people that are homeless, people in trouble that it’s called “Christian charity”, but when a government attempts to expand programs to aid these same people it’s labeled a “welfare state” and Socialism? If the founding fathers truly founded this country on Christian principles, wouldn’t this be the right thing to do?

Why do these same people think that the government shouldn’t interfere in people’s private lives, such as gun ownership, but think that a woman’s reproductive rights should be legislated? Further, why is it unacceptable to terminate a pregnancy even in a case of rape, incest or medical emergency but cool to use the death penalty? Is it only ok to kill people after the birth process? Confusing.

Speaking of carrying guns for one’s protection, how much sense does it make to make it illegal to carry one in a government building (where the people that are making these bone-headed decisions work) but imperative to allow potentially drunken and irate people carry them legally into bars? Wow.

Health care available and affordable for EVERYONE is bad, people dying because they can’t afford medicine is acceptable and as long as “they” have what they need, screw everyone else?

Why is it that people in need are lazy people that don’t carry their own weight in society, when many of the people that qualify for services are too proud to use them and would rather do without? Further, how is it that a person that needs assistance to put food on the table are lazy when many are working multiple jobs or have already spent their entire lives working and are now so elderly and frail that they can no longer work? Or worse, are 80 years old and are clearing trays at the mall food court or greeting at Walmart because they retired years ago but the CEO of the company they retired from tanked the company after making sure that they have their 15th vacation home well furnished before cashing in their stocks and moving on?

Seriously, we are in a major mess. People need to go back and re-examine their ideas and priorities and make some adjustments.

We were put here for a reason. Time for these folks to figure it out.


sheila said...

Well stated. And so true!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Donna! I followed Sheila's FB link to this. I wonder this stuff myself, and as a good liberal Christian, say, "Amen!"

Judy Schumann