Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please! Return to the Undisclosed Location!

Seriously, I can't take it anymore!
For weeks now, our ex Vice President Dick has been running amok all over any media outlet that will give him five minutes.
I find this strange because frankly, we have seen more of this guy in two weeks than we did in eight years! I know he was safely tucked away in some bunker, AKA "undisclosed location" so he could step into Bush the sequel's booties in case something happened to him, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS!
In addition to spending a lot of time and energy defending the policies that were attached to the strings he apparently pulled for eight very long years with the moronic marionette Dubya, he's bashing the policies of Barack Obama, a man that has more common sense in one of his nose hairs than the entire Bush administration had combined.
It's time for the man to retire back to Wyoming or whatever unfortunate state he hails from, quit doing his "Penguin from Batman" imitation, and kill some fish or shoot some hunting buddy in the face or something. Isn't there a third world country that has a feeble minded idiot for a leader that he can go "consult" with? Certainly if he could control Dubya, who was an idiot wrapped in a moron, he can find something more productive to do with his time.
Enough already! GO AWAY DUDE!


weet wea said...

Vangie would be impressed. Nice.

sheila said...

Hey! You're back! :)

And yes, I'm tired of seeing the Dick too. What a yutz. He just can't accept that he's not President anymore. :)

And as one who's drivin through Wyoming...there's absolutely NOTHING in Wymoming. Perfect place for him. Around a bunch of nothing.