Sunday, January 4, 2009


A very wise friend of mine has a quote on her blog that I just love.

"Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree."

After this weekend I have a thought to add to hers.

Wonderful teenaged daughter spent the entire weekend at a church retreat, for which we prepared greatly, spent hugely (snacks and food for the entire troop) and were excited about.
Being the parents that we are, we very much missed our little darling.
However, it became apparent to us very shortly after she arrived home that we should have enjoyed the bliss just a little more than we did.

My new mantra, "Teenagers are like all of the seven dwarfs rolled up into one person."

Sneezy ~ She arrived home with the sniffles. Nothing drastic, but the sniffles. I think I have picked up enough tissues now to use to cover even the biggest float in next year's Macy's parade.

Sleepy ~ After complaining loudly that the dog had her sofa spot, child plopped, and became unconscious. I mean OUT. A nuclear explosion could have taken place on the coffee table and she'd have slept through it. Except, of course, when dinner was ready. Suddenly awake!

Dopey ~ Forgive me, but I have to say it was pretty Dopey to wait until 8:10 on the Sunday before school is back in session to suddenly remember a ton of homework. Of course, our reminders over the past two weeks were met with.... GRUMPY.

Doc ~ She is smart, very smart in fact. Smart enough to amaze us, unfortunately, blinded by her belief that when she turned fifteen, we lost every single brain cell we used to posess. Honestly, we're so dumb at this point that we shouldn't be able to function beyond a drool.

Happy ~ This rare incarnation of sweetness and light is rarely spotted anyplace in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio.

Bashful ~ Not really applicable to sweet daughter. She's actually quite outgoing, unlike her parental unit sitting typing this blog!

Grumpy ~ See Dopey.


sheila said...

What's this? 2 posts in a couple days! lol.
Oh, I feel your pain with the attitude stuff. Funny, you'd think 'retreat' would ensure they come back rested. lol. WRONG!

weet wea said...

Aren't those dwarfs precious!

weet wea said...
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