Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank Goodness for DVR !!!!!!!

I had an awesome day today. My day began with my usual tune-in to the morning news program on ABC.
Today was so very different and special, though!
Apparently George W. Bush paid his farewell visit to Iraq yesterday. His "swan song" so to speak, a happy time for those of us that have spent the past eight years in utter humiliation with almost 100% of what this man said and did. I have no doubt that history will recognize this man as the buffoon he truly is. For anyone that still believes he's anything but a blithering idiot, today's news should remove all doubt.
During his news conference, a reporter removed his shoes, and one at a time, hurled them at our fearless leader's noggin. I have to give the man credit, he came pretty darned close with the second shoe!
I watched in complete adoration and glee as the shoes whizzed past "the shrub's" head, and felt compelled to rewind the moment on my DVR and watch it a half dozen times. It was especially fun one frame at a time.
Once the incident was over and the shoe tossing man had been taken into custody, Bush quipped that the shoes were size 10's, and that the reason the man threw the shoes was because he wanted his two minutes of TV time.
IDIOT! Would one think that after eight years in the position of President of the U.S., dealing with people in the Muslim world that he'd have a clue that the man winging his shoes at his head and calling him a dog insulted him in the worst possible way in that culture? Seriously?
Herein lies the root of the problem with Bush and his gang from day one.
Complete lack of understanding of the complexities of any part of the planet that ends at their noses.
Utter disregard for other cultures and beliefs.
Arrogant, stubborn refusal to ATTEMPT to figure out what causes people to behave the way they do in that part of the world, and finally, apparently, never bothering to try to learn.
Ignorance, at least apparently in the corner of the world inhabited by this bunch of chicken hawks, truly is bliss.
I just wish the shoe tosser had nailed him right between the eyes. Who knows, it may have even knocked some sense into him.
1-20-09..end of an error.


sheila said...

Well put. LOL. End of an error, alright. One you can't use white out on. And where was secret service? They didn't get there til after the second shoe. If the guy had three feet, he may have nailed him on the third throw.

Ah, but he's obviously good at dodging. lol

I did however,explain to my kids as they laughed at the footage...that even though we don't like him, it was a disrespectful thing to do. No one would treat, for instance, AmadinnerJacket like that in the US. I wanted to put it into a respect perpective for the kids...even though I secretly had a belly laugh in private. lol

Thank God it will be over soon. And oh, yes, I found it sad that Bush didn't even realize that the whole shoe throwing is the worst insult. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

weet wea said...

Maybe the secret service contingent was having a secret belly laugh too.

ittango said...

I did watch this repeatedly...I was excited to see the shoes thrown, disappointed they didn't make contact. I mean he did what we all wanted to do, he could have at least hit his target.